May 4 – 8; S’mores, Green Hands and Bear Hunts!

What a wonderful week!

After a request to explore with flashlights in the science area, we built a cave and provided 4 flashlights. The class created a safety agreement and have been exploring all week! Other highlights include:

  • Comparing the length and height of animals using cubes
  • Creating special cards for Mother’s Day – look for them in your child’s backpack!
  • Making styro prints in Art. Ask me what I drew!
  • Working in the birthday shop in the dramatic area.
  • Practicing for our concert in Music with Ms.Peachy.
  • Very exciting – we went on a bear hunt in PE today!
  • Yesterday we made s’mores together. As your child what happened to the marshmallow in the microwave. Look at your child’s individual blog for a video of eating the s’mores – there is one for almost everyone.
YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image