May 11 – 15 – Butterfly, Biscuits and Bear Shirts

Highlights from this week!

  • We’ve been the tracking the progress of the chrysalis. We looked at it during lunch today and just after the children left, the butterfly emerged! Ms.Abbie and Ms.Isa captured it on video:


  • The children worked on t-shirts for the concert in Art. The prints are lovely bear (or bearcat) images drawn by each child.
  • We watched 2 circus performances this week. First we watched some humorous clowns in Grade 6 on Monday. Today they watched a Grade 3 PE circus performance. The Dolphins are a wonderful audience. Ask your child which performance they preferred and why?
  • In PE, Coach Nat had the tricycles and scooters in the covered court for our use. What a great opportunity to practice their pedalling and steering skills!
  • Each child did their monthly self-portrait as well as a drawing about what they have learned in Preschool. They are all drawing with detail and control now!
  • The class have decided to plan a birthday party for Baby Dolphin. I look forward to seeing their ideas and plans come into action over the next few weeks.
  • We made alphabet biscuits for cooking this week! Ask your child how they made the biscuits.

See what else happened here: