May 4 – 8; S’mores, Green Hands and Bear Hunts!

What a wonderful week!

After a request to explore with flashlights in the science area, we built a cave and provided 4 flashlights. The class created a safety agreement and have been exploring all week! Other highlights include:

  • Comparing the length and height of animals using cubes
  • Creating special cards for Mother’s Day – look for them in your child’s backpack!
  • Making styro prints in Art. Ask me what I drew!
  • Working in the birthday shop in the dramatic area.
  • Practicing for our concert in Music with Ms.Peachy.
  • Very exciting – we went on a bear hunt in PE today!
  • Yesterday we made s’mores together. As your child what happened to the marshmallow in the microwave. Look at your child’s individual blog for a video of eating the s’mores – there is one for almost everyone.




Building with Fruit and Veggies

This week, Ms.Abbie helped the Dolphin class to build with fruit and veggies. They made some amazing sculptures! She showed them to safely cut the pieces into smaller pieces and put them onto the sticks. The dolphins enjoyed eating them later at snack time.

"A tower."

“A tower.”

"A house." by Lucy

“A house.” by Lucy

"A lollipop." by Ivy

“A lollipop.” by Ivy

"Two people." by Julie

“Two people.” by Julie

"A transformer." by Mijla

“A transformer.” by Mijla

"A transformer." by Nicholas

“A transformer.” by Nicholas

"A flower." by Kei

“A flower.” by Kei

"A boat," by Anika

“A boat,” by Anika

"Persons" by Ashley

“Persons” by Ashley


"A plane." by Jared

“A plane.” by Jared

"A dinosaur and army." by Will

“A dinosaur and army.” by Will

"House' by Lucy

“House’ by Lucy

"A airplane" by Noah

“A airplane” by Noah

"Boat. When you put cucumbers on the longest stick, you slide it back and forth and the boat goes." by Sam

“Boat. When you put cucumbers on the longest stick, you slide it back and forth and the boat goes.” by Sam

"A pirate ship" by Ryan

“A pirate ship” by Ryan

"I make a dragon boat" by Rudra

“I make a dragon boat” by Rudra

"A Princess Castle" by Giulia

“A Princess Castle” by Giulia

"Golden Gate Bridge" by Alessi

“Golden Gate Bridge” by Alessi

"Boat." by Charlie

“Boat.” by Charlie

Climbing, singing, making necklaces – Week #8

What did we do this week? by the Preschool 4s

After reviewing the tweets of the week, the Preschool 4s told us what to write on this post:

“We went to gymnastics. We were climbing on the spiderman rope.”

“We went down the fire pole in the big playground.”

“Singing new songs in music in Filipino.”

“We were doing a bear song in Music.”

“We sang, ‘I know a chicken.'”

“We went biking.”

“We were building outside.”

“The wolf was getting into the fire.” (From the story, ‘The Three Little Pigs.’)

“We built a train with the soft blocks.

“We played with the rekenrek.”

“We went to the library.”

“Running, leaping in PE. Run beside, under, over, on top, on.”

“Making necklaces.”

“We were playing science with color water and cotton. We were pretending that the cotton is the white rabbit.”


Week # 3 – Cooking, bikes, fish, worms and more!

Here are some highlights from this week…

  • We celebrated a birthday today! Congratulations!
  • We went to our first Elementary School Assembly. The BEARCAT came to visit. Did you know there are two? We are planning to write a letter and see if we can visit him!
  • Ms.Jen’s cousin sent us two fish to look at! If we felt brave enough, we could touch and feel the fish.
  • Half of the class tried biking on the road while the other half made cookies. Next week we will switch.
  • In PE we used underhand and overhand throws in games.
  • Everyone tried marble painting in the Art area.
  • In Music, we used the BIG drums. Wow!
  • Many children wrote notes and letters to each other or their mummies.
  • We researched our four animal choices for our class name and then ranked them by personal preference.
  • We have a class box of worms we collected after the big rain on Tuesday!
  • Building, building, building!


Meeting An Astronaut

On Thursday, Preschool was very lucky to meet an astronaut – Chino Roque, who will be the first Filipino to go to Space. Chino Roque came to the Little Theatre to meet all the Preschool classes. He gave a short presentation and then talked with each class. Later he came down to the Preschool and talked informally with our classes.

Afterwards, we drew pictures to send him:



Preschool has been enjoying our time in the pool these past few weeks. We have only one week left, but we will be back in the pool in April.

Coach Pekin, as always, has so many games that develop important skills while keeping everyone happy and entertained.  Parents are more than welcome to come and watch, or even better, join us in the pool! Children progress a lot better with a parent in the water.

Here are a list of games Coach Pekin uses in the pool that you may want to try at home:

Swimming Games

We have photos from our swimming session thanks to Ori’s mum, Shlomit. In the photos you can see some of the games used by Coach Pekin to get the children in the water and swimming on their back.

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The Art Show!

Today was the opening of our Art Show. It was an amazing day as the children showed and explained the process they went though to make the interactive art display outside the preschool gate.

Here is the summary of the process:

Here are some photos from this process:

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And here are photos from today: 

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