March 16 – 20: A focus on Observation

This week, the teachers provided the Dolphin class with many experiences to help them understand the idea of observation:

– They made clouds in a jar (shaving foam) and dripped colour on top

– They made more sensory bottles with water, food coloring, glitter, pompoms and baby oil

– They added white roses into test tubes of food colouring

– They compared the outside and inside of different fruits and vegetables

– Ashley’s family provided a 4th of July snack as part of the ongoing cultural shares – the children observed what happened to their tongue as they ate it!

Ask your child what the word observation means and what they observed this week?


March 2 – 6: Collaboration!

We have been talking about how we work together. The Dolphin Class made a list of ideas:

– Share

– Work together

– Take turns

-Build together

– Persevere together

– Listen to each other

– Pack away together

– Play

Here are examples of the children working together through a variety of experiences: PE, Art, Music, cooking, building, writing, reading and acting.


Ask your child what are the ways you work together as a family?

Costume Day

BRAVE! That is the word that can be used to describe the Dolphins today as they performed on stage. Thank you to all the parents who were able to join! The Dolphins’ bravery extended before today – they were brave when asking Mr.Campbell for permission for the performance; they were brave when finding out why the older students have special days and then writing an email to be sent to the school; they were brave when writing the stories and creating tickets and pictures; they were brave answering email and questions from students and teachers around the school. The Dolphins should be very proud of what they accomplished!






Our fun day was not over with the performance- after music, they went to PE and were surprised by the Bearcat! Then the class returned to the classroom to eat popcorn and have fun with face paint.



A three day week….

What happens during a three day week?

A lot!

– A group visited Ms.Pekin in Middle school to find out why the big kids have dress-up days – then visited the turtles on their way back to Preschool

– A small group had a great fun exploring a magically powder that showed color once liquid was added – this been added to our Art table for everyone to try next week

– Lots of fine motor activities were set out this week – beads, buttoning and lacing activities

– We have moved to the covered court for PE

– We worked on preparing for Costume Day!

And of course, a lot of building, drawing, singing, laughing, running and reading!

[youtube] [/youtube]

Sports Day 2015

What an amazing day!

After the exciting opening ceremony, we started our 4 stations:
1. Tag games
2. Obstacle course
3. Biking and parachute play
4. Ball play

The Dolphin class enjoyed all the stations – on Monday, I will ask them to vote for their favourite. After a snack, they enjoyed some water play outside. The Preschool 4s played on the field before going home.

Find out more about big body play here.

Photos from our fun day!

Mo Willems Type Stories

The Dolphin Class loves stories by Mo Willems. We looked at his books, “Knuffle Bunny” and “Knuffle Bunny Too.” In his books, there are black and white photographs will hand-drawn illustrations on top. The Preschool 4 children thought about how they could make their own stories using this method of illustration.

1. Choose a picture.

2. Look at it.

3. Draw a character.

4. Color.

5. Cut.

6. Glue.

7. Tell the story.

As they told the stories, someone had an idea to use the instruments as well. The following is a video compilation of all the stories (only Preschool 4).


I hope the children make more stories like these soon! A few of the Preschool 4 Dolphins have been teaching the Preschool 3 how to make one as well.