(Thanks to Juanita Rea who collaborated with me on this)
The dispositions derive from the ISM Mission and School-wide Student Goals. They are the behaviors that learners need to be aware of throughout the learning process as they impact the outcome of their actions. Students need to be able recognize when they exhibit a behavior themselves or observe others, know that that they make an active choice in the way they behave, and what makes them inclined to adopt a behavior. This requires them to ask three basic questions:

How am I behaving in a certain way?

When am I behaving in certain way?

What makes me decide to behave in a certain way?

The teaching of these behaviors is the responsibility of all teachers. Different curricular areas provide opportunities for discrete focus on specific behaviors, but the goal is for students to be aware of how a disposition affects the way in which use a learning tool (transdiciplinary skill) and how manifests itself in any situation.

Students are guided using the following questions and prompts:

The Dispositions – With Cookies

We have been reading books to talk about the School-Wide Dispositions. Today we read the book ‘Cookies: Bite Size Life Lessons’ and then made our own life lessons using the dispositions. Everyone enjoyed acting and then getting to eat the … Continue reading

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