Transdisciplinary Skills

(Thanks to Juanita Rea who collaborated with me on this)
Transdisciplinary skill sets derive from the ISM Mission and School-wide Student Goals. They are the tools that learners need to access and demonstrate learning, to develop a deeper understanding through continuous inquiry and action, to become self-directed and independent and ultimately to be productive members of a global community. The teaching of these skills is the responsibility of all teachers. Different curricular areas provide opportunities for discrete focus on specific skills, but the goal is to be aware of the transfer of each skill between disciplines.

The transdisciplinary skills enable students to develop and articulate their understanding of big ideas and concepts so that they see the links between what they do in a classroom and how it is applicable or transferrable in other areas of their lives. The development of these skills has been closely connected to the creation of the school-wide dispositions; by designing the criteria for both areas concurrently, a purposeful focus has been placed on making connections between both the assessment methods of these skill sets as well as the process for student self-reflection.

An awareness of one’s own ability to utilize the transdisciplinary skills is a key component of learning how to learn (meta learning) and, coupled with the ability to use multiple forms of technology, will equip the students with the 21st century competencies inherent in global citizenship, sustainable solutions and positive action.

These are some of the guiding questions:

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